Monday, August 1, 2016

Sea Weathered

The darker shades of our Sea-weathered Cottage....  
A calm white and grey palette accompanied by the deeper elements of the sea...

Vintage Sea Weathered Oars with Driftwood

a weathered french pillow from RH

worn black hutch

the inspiration of JDL

broken sand dollar from Bodega Dunes Beach

tattered at the hem linen curtains 
and worn slipcovered sofas

and  new business cards from Moo 

Sea Weathered 
 Everything is sea weathered with a Coastal French Nordic style.  The darker sea waters of the Northern Coast influence a wilder nature for our Seawashed life.  The tattered,weathered and worn give a casual feel of comfort.  The grey washed shores permeate a wintry vibe year round. 
The restoration of our 1972 Vintage Travel Trailer Seawashed Pearl  is currently under way.  She will have the same sea weathered french nordic coastal style.   She is now adorning a new exterior Stone Grey stripe.  .

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 S e a w a s h e d

As Summer lingers into Autumn
washed by the sea

Photos copyright Seawashed