Monday, October 8, 2018

Of The Sea

Denys owned a piece of land down at the coast... a weathered growth of grey stone on the salted soil, and in the midst of it a few old mango trees.  He had built a small house on his land and I stayed there... When the tide was out, you could walk for miles away Seawards from the house, picking up strange long,  peaked shells and starfish... The coast below the house had a row of deep caves and grottos, where you sat in shade and watched the distant glittering blue water. When the tide came in,  
it filled up the caves to the level of the ground on  which the house was built,  and in the porous coral rock the Sea sang and sighed.

Isak Dinesen Out Of Africa   

  The sea is within us, enfolding and surrounding. Driftwood in every corner, weathered tables, worn wicker,  tattered slipcovers,  and scattered seashells.  It is a way of life, a calm that remains.

De La Mer

washed by the sea

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Into Ocean

”My river runs to thee-  Blue sea.”
Emily Dickinsen

A large expanse of sea. 
 Saltwater covering the earth. A great stream encircling earth. 

The days have become cooler.  Sunlight fades early, leaving the sky and water darker.  The mer profonde calling me...

Fall Into Ocean

“Darkening waves- faintly white.”
Matsuo Bashō

washed by the sea