Friday, November 11, 2016

Cottage Of A Sea Maiden

Seashells everywhere 

My palace is in the coral cave  Set with spars by the ocean wave;  Would ye have gems, then seek them there, There found I the pearls that bind my hair. I and the wind together can roam  Over the green waves and their white foam.  See, I have got this silver shell, Mark how my breath will its smallness swell, For the Nautilus is my boat  In which I over the water float, The moon is shining over the sea, Who is there will come sail with me?
~L. E. Landon Fairies Of The Sea-shore

  A quiet beach washed with treasures... I gather and carry to fill my cottage life...sea poetry, song and mist...the fragrance of seawashed shores... 
Cottage Of A Sea Maiden 

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