Monday, February 1, 2016

Driftwood And Seashell Art

"Gather a shell from the strown beach and listen at its lips."
~Dante Gabriel Rossetti

"Her fingers moved among barnacles and mussels, blue-black sharp edged...surrounded by bouquets of stinging anemones and purple bursts of spiny sea urchins." 
~Janet Finch 'White Oleander'

A piece of driftwood found on the Northern California Coast hangs from white tattered cloth with oyster shells dangling from soft whispers of yarn.  

Handmade- washed by the sea
By artist Kerrie Sanderson

The solace of coastal fog resting on the hem of the sea.  The empty shore disappearing into mist.  The roar of waves enfolding.  Hidden on the silent shores where I gather treasure.

and with the treasure gathered I am creating 
Seawashed Art 
Sea Chimes are now in my

washed by the sea

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