Friday, May 1, 2015

Washed In Nordic Whites

"The sun shown out with fairer light."

I recently white-washed our vintage farmhouse table.  We have had this table since the beginning of our marriage.  There are drawings on the underneath side by my children.  It is the gathering table for our family, where our hearts remain together.  I have wanted to white-wash the raw wood for a long time.  I did the wash light so that the wood grain still shows through.   The washed whites create a calm coolness for the Summer.   We are in a drought and it is already so hot that it feels like Summer.   I have brought out the white cotton linens to go with the scattering of  seashells and driftwood.  My  collection of  Madonnas add a touch of Nordic.  I grey-washed these tiny Madonnas to create the French Nordic patina. Now Sea Cottage is washed in Nordic whites for the coming Summer months.    

So begins May...
'the way of beauty'

Sea Tidings,