Thursday, April 19, 2018

Gentillesse Roses

  I began painting these pale wash of roses in the quiet depths of Winter. 

 Beginning on pristine french papier then venturing on to fine art canvas. Each surface creates its own variation of sheer and opaque flowers, so I am unsure of which I prefer. Currently I am favoring 100 % cotton canvas panels. 

 I have just begun listing a few in my tiny studio Shop. Nearly 20 paintings completed thus far with one large canvas remaining on the easel unfinished because the faint roses hold a beauty I haven’t the heart to disturb yet.

    Piles of empty canvas and bundles of french linen papier gather in the corners of my studio waiting their turn. I will continue to paint these ever so pale white roses into and through the Summer months.  Letting their quiet gentillesse flow from the sacré chambers within.  I will continue to list paintings in my Shop as I go.  

There are also tiny flower fairy statuettes Fée des fleurs that I have hand painted in a french style, new in the Shop for Spring and Summer. Always always inspired by Monet. 

Roses floating in quietness
washed by the sea