Thursday, January 30, 2014

Barely there roses

Like a barely budding rose...quietly present

My paintings are tiny, quiet, soft, and faded...barely there.  I paint this way intentionally.  To have the patina of faded, pale hues as if they were washed by the sea.
My new English Rose Series reflects who I am as an artist.  These are not rose paintings of accurate perfection to join the numerous exquisite rose paintings of history that I admire and stand in awe of.  Rather, these are more like pretty faded vintage rose wallpaper.  

 I have always been an artist.  As a child when asked,  "what do you want to be when you grow up", my answer was always "an artist".  But while studying Fine Art at University, I found myself not fitting in to the mold.  I was basically being taught how to sell myself and follow trends.  So my Junior year I changed majors and received my B.A in Foods & Nutrition.   I am still an artist, 
with or without a Fine Art degree. I still do not try to fit the mold or follow the trends.  I simply paint from within.

Most of my paintings are small in size.  I personally have always liked tiny pieces of artwork.  I like how they subtly fit into a room, whether placed on a shelf, mantle, or tucked into a bookcase.  A small piece of art can go just about anywhere.  Small pieces work well for gallery walls or just to place on top of a stack of books.  I do plan to paint a few large pieces, but most of this series will be 8 x 10 and smaller.  Each painting is named and numbered.  I am unsure of how many I will be painting for this series.   I may be painting roses all Spring and Summer.  The hardest part is actually parting with them.  I always want to keep them all.  But I love to wrap them with little tokens and send them in the postal as if gifts.  There is a deep happiness in it.

Sea Tidings,

{The English Rose Series is painted in honor of our heavenly daughter rose juliette}