Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Calm Of Solemn Days Draw Near

November is approaching, the skies (and sea) are turning grey, the air is fragrant with the dampened earth, the bark is peeling from the trees, the mountain tops are covered in white ...

and the calm of solemn days draw near.

 Hope you are breathing in all the goodness of autumn.  I sure am.

Sea Tidings,

*photos~ Vosgesparis, Seawashed.

Friday, October 26, 2012

For The Elderly and Beautiful

Have you seen The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the Elderly and Beautiful yet?  If you are 45 yrs. and up you will most likely enjoy it.  There are many good actors in it, but Judy Dench is always a favorite of mine.  I most relate to her character, Evelyn, whom even blogs about her adventure in the movie.  It does encourage one not to grow weary in aging.

 In India, we have a saying; everything will be all right in the end. So if it is not all right, it is not yet the end. "

Have a beautiful weekend. ox

Sea Tidings,

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Dwell- to make one's home.

My newest One Of A Kind Subway Sign painting on canvas with one word...Dwell.
Available in my etsy shop Seawashed.
And look what my daughter brought home for me from the produce stand on the side of a country road...a grey pumpkin!  This is what I have been wanting and haven't been able to find anywhere.  It's perfect for Sea Cottage. 
"One thing I dwell in the house of the Lord..." Psalm 27:4
"He who dwells in the secret place..." Psalm 91
I am reading Gift From The Sea and O how the words speak to me...
"One becomes, in fact, like the element on which one lies, flattened by the sea;  bare, open, empty as the beach." ~Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Sea Tidings,
*photos~ Seawashed, French Grey, Beachcomber.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Beauty We Glimpse Dimly

These are the words I have been pondering.  They speak so much to me. 
I carry them in my heart like a song. 

And they carry me as I go about my days in the home, garden, my studio, and walks through the park.

Their melody plays as I make changes around our home for the new season of grey weather and quiet mood.   I've added more candles to the mantel with a scattering of more shells and driftwood...

The shells on the candles below are from a loyal customer, who has become a dear friend, off the shores of Australia.  I used  eco-cotton natural yarn to tie them to white prayer candles.  I have been lighting them every evening and thinking of you, Pamela. 

In my studio I have been painting  more CALM subway signs.  I painted this one a year ago for display in our Local Fine Art Center.  It has graced the wall of our sitting room ever since.  It brings serenity to our home.  I don't believe I will ever tire of it.   This is why I decided it was time to paint more to have available for you to purchase in my etsy shop Seawashed

This is the one available at Seawashed.  I believe it turned out better than the one in my home.  Each piece is One Of Kind, so no two paintings will ever be alike. 

I have been riding my beach cruiser 'emma' alot lately.  It is a peaceful way to glimpse the beauty in each day.  The experience is altogether different than getting into my car and driving from place to place.  There is a calm  that is worth the added time it takes to get somewhere.

The beauty we glimpse is like breath {of life} for my soul.  It is far more valuable than gold to me.  It is what keeps me going through the darkest storms.  Beauty can be found anywhere, if we have the hearts to see it.  

Sea Tidings,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

French Nordic Living Inspired

Autumn leading into winter is my favorite season.  My growing collection of Jeanne d' Arc Living magazines continue to inspire my homelife as well as my artwork.  I find myself continually painting from a grey palette.  I have found that it conveys the quiet, fragile, beauty of  the objects of nature I paint creating the pieces of artwork that I am so drawn to in providing sanctuary for my home and for selling in my shop.  

 So for the holidays this year ( autumn and winter celebrations) I've decided to decorate with the quiet shades of grey, inspired by french nordic living, and remain with that palette in my Seawashed shop.
I have been busy creating and printing christmas notecards.

These deer notecards were printed using a free graphic, courtesy of The Graphic Fairy, with a 'Merry Christmas' script added, but can be purchased without the script upon request.  They are simple in black and white for an elegant greeting.  All notecards are blank inside so they can be used as holiday invitations or thank you notes as well.

I will share the 'Coastal' Christmas cards in a later post...french nordic inspired also.   Seawashed Grey Pumpkin Notecards and prints are still available for your autumn decorating and celebrating. 

Sea Tidings,

*photos~ Jeanne d'Arc Living, French Grey, Seawashed.