Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tiny Shabby Chic Cottage

This is a re-post that I did in June of 2010. It is the most viewed post in my five years of blogging, according to my stats. I decided to re-post it because Sandy has been on my heart.

Have you seen this? My friend sent me the link of the NY Times article about Sandra Foster building her dream cottage for only $3000.

This really is an enchanting dreamy cottage. I think in this economy it could be the way of the future. You can click on the link at the end of this post to read the full story and see more photos.

Get inspired: Shabby-chic gingerbread house

*Sandy's blog~ My Shabby Streamside Studio.She's a hidden beauty.

Sandy has brought so many of us beauty. Her story has inspired us all. Now she is in need of us to come along side of her and lift her up in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. She has just lost so much that was dear to her. Can we extend our compassion? Most of us have been, many of us are, in a broken place. I have found in my own suffering that there is beauty in the ashes. Love comes into those dark places and through the tears we find our way again into a place of goodness. Restoration comes. I am praying for you Sandy. ox Kerrie