Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The whisper of a feather

Gentleness...the whisper of a feather.

While walking in the early morning frost I came across a very tiny white feather. It whispered to me...be gentle, we are fragile, go slow.

I bent down to get a closer look. It was so small, so delicate, so soft. As I continued on my walk I found myself taking my time, being at rest in my soul, and thought about how hurried life is around me being the last week of Christmas.

Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops... at all. ~Emily Dickinson

And I wanted to share this with you. This whisper of hope. If you are in a hurry, slow down. If you are fretting, let go. We are all fragile. We can slow down and be gentle with ourselves and one another. We can take the time to be calm and give.

Allow yourself to enjoy these holydays. Breath in whatever goodness surrounds you and smile.

As I continued to walk, I came across another tiny white feather laying on the frosted ground.

It whispered again.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. ~Lao Tzu

May the feather whisper to you too. All is calm.

gentle sea tidings,

*photos~ first photo unknown, feather watercolors by amber alexander, owl feathers by Peter Sommers, horse and cow photography by Jennifer Meyers, white owl photos internet.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Simpler than the trees, deeper than the sea...

"Our thoughts are quieter than rivers, Our loves are simpler than the trees, Our prayers deeper than the sea." ~Thomas Merton

While my loves are simpler than the trees and prayers deeper than the sea I place my hands to papier creating...sea tags with the theme of Mary holding her son (the Christ-child) at sea's weather torn edge. It reminds me that love does not come without suffering and toil...but it does come...it comes to all.

Do you ever just weep at the knowing of how much Christ loves us? While walking these cold wintry mornings under the 100 yr. old oaks and redwoods in the park nearby, I have found myself crying. Tears falling, heart awakening to the love that embraces me like no other. I am undone by the depths of what he has done..and is doing. I am alone, weeping, while a rising sun rests on me...and I see... all that is beauty, all that is pure.

I am trying to bring that beauty into my creating. These tags are gently hanging throughout our home this christmas...on the driftwood in the corner of the living room

and on the lil tree in the sitting room

and soon after we fluff and string twinkle lights on the grand tree, we will hang them on it as well. I like this tree in its natural form and one day, after the kids are gone, I may leave it as is, adding only natural ornaments. I can see small pieces of driftwood hanging with broken seashells, sanddollars, starfish, and handmade seawashed papier tags.

I hung a wreath with grey satin ribbon on the french door near our kitchen nook looking into the living room. I will also be hanging them on the double french doors of Seawashed studio.

Quieter than the rivers...
the water from my eyes flowing;
allowing the gentle beauty of the season outside in.

Sea tidings,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sea treasured mantel and the tree is coming...

Leopard stockings hanging above the hearth (a bit of Out of Africa)

sea maiden treasures scattered on the mantel

a mermaids crown

silver deep sea bauble

cherished seashells given to me by the ones I love...
the newest is the broken conch shell, from Holly's best friend brought to me from a beach near Beliz on her recent cruise

Jeanne D Arc
grey pearl rosary

these silver baubles will make there way onto the christmas tree that I hope to bring in this evening...it will be next to the leather chair in the living room

one of my favorite prints of Mary

The R.Ashwell writing desk in my bedroom

a tiny white tree in a silver bucket gives a nordic feel

My newest nesting bowl in oatmeal from Moon Flower holds my sea tags in the studio.

I am stamping notecards and tags for customers and to give as gifts. I am also painting some One Of A Kind art on canvas to give to family and friends. I so enjoy wrapping everything beautifully and adding sweet little suprises to each package.

R.A shabby rose stocking hangs with my nighties

Slowly Sea Cottage is being adorned for the holidays. We are baking while watching christmas movies and sitting by the fire. Some shopping is done and some more is needed.

Shopping at Anthro is always a good idea. ox

and how do you like my new song...from One Day? It is a beautiful love story.

Sea tidings,