Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The calm of winter days...

I sit in soft blankets of white
the winter sun peeping in
a bird chirps from the garden
lovely music plays

I contemplate the beauty
new every morning
I open my heart
and embrace it

I look forward to the calm
of winter days
of land clothed in snow
soft steps down the dampened path
hot tea warming cold bones
burried in rose quilts
reading a good book

calm winter days
I look forward to...

I have been sick these past 3 days. Nestled in my white fluffy down comforter and white fuzzy throw blankets, puppy by my side, looking out the window at white foggy skies, it's lovely, I'm grateful. I am keeping my blog open until I get all my 'cottage companions' emails. Thank you for the loving responses and all who have sent me your emails thus far. If you haven't sent your email and want to continue to visit Sea Cottage, please do send it as soon as you can. Calm wishes to all, Fairmaiden

Saturday, December 6, 2008

You are beautiful...