Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Monet Room

"Somewhere in another world." -Claude Monet

A room that leads to the garden...

The Monet room
named after our cat Lily Monet, who claimed the room as her own.  As well as the French Painter Claude Monet (whom she is fondly named after).

The iron daybed was brought in from the garden (under the plum tree) along with the round side table.  

Both have been in the garden for many years and are now perfectly weathered.

A natural linen covered mattress layered with a faded lavender quilt.  Two pillows with tattered hems and torn seams keep it simple.  

The decor is minimal with walls painted moody grey and bare concrete floors for a calm Northern France feel.

"Grey diversifies into blue, and most French blues are reflective colours, used to calm and soothe.  From Grey also come mauve and lilac~ either as vivid as the iris or closer to the quiet, almost misty tones that are quintessentially French." 
-Henrietta Heald

Fresh clipped roses from the garden...always
 to bring in beauty.

"I must have flowers, always, and always." -Claude Monet

et beaute
and beauty

A Monet retreat near the gardens 
in our Sea Cottage.

washed by the sea

Photography and words Copyright
Kerrie Sanderson Seawashed.