Sunday, March 13, 2016

Gazes On Beauty

"He who witnesses your splendor
can never describe it.
On achieving their desired end
Human powers cease to function,
And the soul sees that what it thought was
right was wrong.
A new exchange occurs
At that point where all light disappears;
A new and unsought state is needed:
The soul has what it did not love,

And is stripped of all it possessed,
no matter how dear...
The soul, made new again,
marveling to find itself
In that immensity, drowns.
How this comes about it does not know.
It is within and sees no exit;
It no longer knows how to think of itself
Or to speak of the wondrous change.
It knows only that it finds itself
Clothed in new garments.
It ventures forth
Onto a sea without a shore
And gazes on Beauty."

 Jacopone da Todi 1306 

washed by the sea

photos- unknown