Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Summer Garden

"Take thy sculptural spade, It is thy pencil;  take thy seeds, thy plants, They are thy colours;  and by these repay With interest every charm (Nature) lent thy art."  
~William Mason 1772 The English Garden

An iron bench with greige patina is now in the Quiet Garden.  The driftwood wicker chairs have been moved to the covered front porch for Autumn.  The best place to sit and watch the rain.

lemons are growing

the Japanese Maples create a delicate canopy for our Quiet Garden

This one was so tiny when we planted it right after moving in.

It is an ideal place for rest and contemplation.

The tiniest of birds sit on the dish of this cross to eat birdseed.

 Redwoods provide shade and nesting for the birds.
(the white string is our clothesline)

On the other side of our yard is the vegetable garden...

We had to build a cage for the tomatoes to keep the critters at bay.   There are doors on the sides for easy access to pick the tomatoes.  We have tomatoes, yellow squash, bell peppers, jalepeno peppers, basil, oregano, rosemary, english thyme, french lavender, blue victoria salvia, and cosmos in the potager.  The onions, carrots, lemon cucumbers and strawberries have all been picked and eaten.  There is nothing sweeter than homegrown strawberries.   

"The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land."~Abraham Lincoln

I decided to plant flowers with the herbs and vegetables this year.

They attract the bees, which helps pollination.

My tiny English Rose Garden
St. Cecilia, Queen of Sweden, Claire Austin, Scepter'd Isle, Eglantyne

a Queen of Sweden bloom

"Beatrix Potter was a late bloomer, gardening-wise.  By the time she saw the first growing season progress through her garden at Hill Top she would be forty years old." ~Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life Marta McDowell

I feel much like Beatrix Potter in regards to gardening.  Even though I began gardening as a child.  My family had a large plot of land to grow vegetables on.  I remember carrying zuchini's almost the size of me to the kitchen for my Mom to stuff with meats and cheeses.  Then when I married we had a tiny balcony garden that I tended.  From then on, we have gardened in every home that we have lived in, while raising our four children.  We included them in the efforts of our amateur organic gardening.  But it wasn't until my husband's job took him out of town for three years, that I learned to really garden.  I had to do everything myself and to my delight our gardens have flourished.  We are able to garden year round in California and the Winter garden is my favorite.  I am really looking forward to the change of season so that I can begin sowing seeds...snow peas, carrots, lettuces, spinach, kale and planting more onions.  

I am enjoying this new book about Miss Potter's Gardening Life.  Her artwork has always inspired me and now her gardening is too.  I am sure I will be sharing more from it as I continue to read and learn.  For now, I will return to watercolor painting the flowers in my Summer Garden.  

washed by the sea...

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