Monday, July 27, 2015

Restful Devotion

A quiet corner for contemplation 

communion and friendship 

our English rose garden is just outside the window

 a vintage chair from my childhood 
the edges tattered and torn; well-loved and cherished

"The contemplative life is a search for peace in the openness of love."
~Thomas Merton

delicate roses from the garden
on a handmade french pottery plate

"May my heart be as a fertile field and Thy grace sprinkle the dew of eternal life upon it."
St. Ephrem the Syrian hermit 373

It's always nice to have a quiet place of your own to sit and ponder.  My contemplative corner is a sacred space in my bedroom where I read, write, and fill my soul with stillness.  I can look out the window that overlooks the English roses, lavender and potager.  Do you have a place of restful devotion?  

washed by the sea...
Sea Tidings,

Photos of Sea Cottage