Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Quiet Garden

"One little wakeful bird
Sings like a shower." 
~Thomas Merton

Just outside our dining room window is our Quiet Garden.  

The Quiet Garden is our place of repose...a place of peaceful shelter from the heat of Summer.   The trees we planted 8 yrs. ago  have grown,  creating a sanctuary for the birds.  We have many feeders hanging from the branches and baths filled with water.  They nest and dwell in this little place. 

I have planted so many different kinds of herbs and flowers but most of them died.  Our soil is hard pan clay.  Nothing grows in hard pan clay.  When we bought Sea Cottage the entire backyard was dirt.  There was no lawn, no trees, or patio...nothing.  We have slowly created all of our gardens ourselves.  We have done all the labor, planting, tending, cultivating, pouring of concrete paths and patios, building of raised beds and trellises, and laying of crushed granite throughout to keep the weeds at bay.  My husband brought in rich soil from the river's edge, to re-soil most of our yard.  But instead of re-soiling this tiny area, we decided to add pots of all different sizes.  This has worked really well and I am able to  plant wildflowers and herbs again for the hummingbirds, butterflies, and 

We will often be sitting in the driftwood chairs sipping our tea when they arrive. The birds are not afraid of us.  Maybe it is because I talk quietly with them.  I always say  "hello little birdies..."  They fly down onto the feeders while we are sitting next to them.  We had two baby doves this Spring.  There nest was in the palm tree on the other side of the gate, but so close that we could see into it.  The baby doves would sit in the sunlight on the edge of the fence.  So so sweet to watch them. 
I also began growing succulents last year, because of the drought, and they are doing well. 

 The Quiet Garden is my favorite of our Cottage Gardens.  A canopy of trees provides abundance of shade.  We have three pear trees and three Japanese maples in this small space.  An umbrella is underneath the pear trees to provide more shade for the sitting area.  The trellis provides shelter and privacy with creeping fig slowly growing up each post.  It is so lovely to hear birdsong through the dining room windows every morning.  

"Listen to hear the still small voice that speaks from among the birds."
~Christoph Von Schmid

May is so full of beauty.

Sea Tidings,

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