Tuesday, July 15, 2014


"Let there be a place somewhere in which you can breathe naturally, quietly.  A place where your mind can be idle, and forget its concerns, descend into silence, and worship in secret." ~Thomas Merton

"When the full fields begin to smell of sunrise
 and the valleys sing in their sleep, 
The pilgrim moon pours over the solemn darkness 
her waterfalls of silence,
And then departs up the long avenue of trees."
  ~T. Merton

Long white curtains flow from our windows.  They are linen and tattered at the bottom.  Giving a weathered coastal calm to the rooms. The oak cabinets throughout our home are being painted grey, like the marine layer that often covers our valley.  
The land around us lies dry in the Summer heat, and our garden struggles to thrive, but I wait for the water falls.  I believe water is coming, water like a flood, to relieve us from the drought.   Until then we find shelter in our seawashed sanctuary with waterfalls of white surrounding.
Sea Tidings,

*Photo~ Dar Amina