Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Cottage

"Let us walk in the white snow
in a soundless space;
With footsteps quiet and slow,
at a tranquil pace,
under veils of white lace."
~Elinor Wylie

Sea Tidings,

*Country Living(this house is not far from me in the countryside of Sebastopol, Ca.)


  1. Hi Kerrie, yes this is a problem lately, if you go to this blogger and read through the comments you will get the help you need :D
    good luck.

  2. Hi Kerrie! I think I know what it is hunny. Mine is doing the same. I was reminded in a couple of emails to pay for my yearly google account (for photos) and I didnt pay it yet...but its only $5.00 I believe for a larger space for our many photos. ;)
    Did you get any emails about that?
    That could be it because I cant upload any photos right now from my computer, only from web albums, photos already on my blog and/or by phone.
    Hope that helps.
    Love you and miss you my gentle friend.

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxo

  3. I'm still waiting for the browse button to come back.Read my comments on my post and you can read some suggestions.


  4. It seems to me google blogger made a change in the software for the new year and this is the downside.

  5. Lovely picture Kerrie! I've not had a problem but have read about it on a few other blogs, I'm not sure what's causing it!

  6. Hi Kerrie- Everyone that I know of that has downloaded Google Chrome has found that it fixed their problem. They just have to use it for their browser when they are working on their blog. Hope that works for you, too- xo Diana

  7. Wishing you a marvelous and gentle 2013.

  8. Dear Kerrie
    Wishing you love peace and an abundance of blessings this new year

    hugs to you sweet friend

  9. Me too Kerrie. I've read it's google chrome so I'll have to try that. So nice of them to let us know... You're living room looks so cozy! xo

  10. Beautiful home... hope you're having a cozy January...


  11. Beautiful room and I want snow so bad.
    I had trouble with mine to. I started logging in through google chrome and every thing is fine now.
    Maybe Chrome is being pushed for some reason.


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