Monday, December 10, 2012

Gift Of The Sea...

SEAWASHED...Bringing the soft winter greys, seafoam whites and deep sea blues in original paintings of the Pacific Ocean, driftwood style subway signs, sanddollar notecards, sea tags and more...

'The Winter Sea' an Original Painting by me, artist Kerrie Sanderson.  An acrylic painting on archival, acid-free, gesso primed 8 x 8 gallery wrapped canvas with 1.5 inch thickness. The sea painting extends onto the sides so no need for framing. Ready to hang or prop on a shelf or mantle.  Inspired by quiet days spent on the empty beaches of the Sonoma Coast.

 'The Sea VIII' is in grey, white, and a bit of blue acrylic on canvas. Also on archival, acid-free, titanium acrylic gesso primed 8 x 10 canvas with 3/4 inch thickness.  Another coastal painting of the wintry pacific sea.

 The deep sea blues of the pacific ocean on a mini canvas. Archival, acid-free, titanium acrylic gesso primed 4 x 4 canvas with 3.4 inch thickness.   This is the perfect size to tuck away on a bookshelf to add a bit of calm to any room.

One Of A Kind 'PACIFIC OCEAN' Original Painting Subway Sign 16 x 20 Acrylic on Canvas.
 I painted the background in white creating a faint weathered look like driftwood.  Most of my Subway Signs are in the grey driftwood background.  This piece goes well with the
 french nordic, coastal, industrial, or minimalist home decor.

Original watercolor print in my trademark Sanddollar Series. This sanddollar' Pacifica' is printed on the same high quality watercolor papier as the original painting.(as are all Seawashed Prints) This costs more on my part and provides you with a more valuable piece of artwork.   It is printed on cold pressed, acid free Strathmore watercolor papier in size 8.5 x 11. It can be used in an 8 x 10 frame or matte or displayed in raw form on a mantel, display board, creative space.

Handstamped Starfish tags on white acid & lignin free paper tags(from the Paper company). Stamped with london fog grey ink. Tag size is small 1.625x3.25.  Tags come with eco-cotton(75%recycled cotton)natural ties.  These are perfect for adorning your gifts, tree, or mantel.  Tag set of 6 for $5.00/each.

Handstamped OCEAN, BEACH, COAST tag set on white acid & lignin free paper tags(from the Paper company). Stamped with fog grey ink.  These tags are a bit larger.  Tag size is medium 2.125 x 4.25.   Set of 6 for $5.00/each.

Original Watercolor Painting Of The Sea In White nearly 8 x 10 Frame.  

Your purchases will be wrapped in natural paper and eco-cotton yarn with a Seawashed gift tag.
 These items can be  found in my etsy shop SEAWASHED.   For those who would like to give a gift of the sea. 

Merry Christmastide..
Sea Tidings,


  1. You do beautiful work, Kerrie! I hope you are having a peaceful, wonderful season- xo Diana

  2. Kerrie - your artistry is just amazing. I can just feel the serene calm just looking through your paintings and drawings. You have truly been blessed with a beautiful gift! :)

    xoxo laurie

  3. Not only do you create beautiful things Kerrie, you also display and photograph them so beautifully also!

  4. All of your work is beautiful. I am wishing I could photograph my work as beautifully as you do yours. I'm having a day of frustration, but you give me hope and now I feel hopeful I can tackle it now. Love your art. I'm so glad you share here.

  5. Such gentle pieces. Love the Pacific offering but then I love the written word on just about anything. Wishing you a sea washed Christmas.

  6. Thank you Kerrie for again gracing your beauty, and bets of all sharing it with all of us.
    I have said this time and time again and again, that I would love to sit with you and paint and create, peacefully chatting.

    Thank you my sweetest friend for taking time to visit wishing me well, and allowing me to share my excitement with you.
    Take care, keep getting that art out there we will soon see your work on pages that inspire.


  7. Kerrie, thanks oodles for stopping by and taking time to encourage me. I sure was frustrated about my pics. Wish I could just create and hand the rest off to someone, but I know I need to get them listed too. My perfectionist side was taking over. It's a new day and a new attitude. God Bless and merry Christmas.

  8. you've been busy! lovely as usual...


  9. I love your blog and all things SEA .. stop by and visit me at The Rusty Pearl when you get a chance. I love this blog. I will be one of your followers for sure.. LOVE IT ALL


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