Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Into December

Lingering in the last days of November.  I'm always sad to see it go, but December brings good tidings that I will linger in as well.   At the moment I am tenderly comforting my sweet Bella Bleu.  She spent the day yesterday at the Vet getting some serious dental work done.  Eleven teeth were extracted.  Her Vet says she is a very healthy dog with the bad luck of being born with bad teeth.  Thankfully she is going to be fine.  We are watching Christmas movies together while my oldest son puts the twinkle lights on our Cottage. 
 Hold your loved ones close...even those furry companions. ox

Sea Tidings,

*Photo~ Country Living.


  1. Awwwww! Kerrie, how sad...bad enough were fear and deal with dental health and to hear you are going through this with your dear pet is wow, how can this be :(
    Take care, I tooo have been watching Christmas movies, some inspiring, some tear jerkers, and some endearing, I just love a good Christmas movie, I put it up there with a good movie of the sea.

    Take care of you and Bella.


  2. poor Bella. I hope she feels better soon. I would so much love twinkle lights for my own cottage! :-) Blessings of the season to you, my dear.

  3. Bella is adorable - I'm sorry that she had to lose so many teeth, though... :(

  4. Oh, poor Bella Bleu. 11 teeth? Poor baby. Have fun watching movies. xo Diana

  5. Poor cute furry Baby! It seems worse when the furry ones need treatment as you can't explain to them why. Hope she bounces back soon.....B:)

  6. Oooop's Kerrie I came back to visit yet noticed I let a response comment on your last post !

    See you and your holiday inspiration soon

    Wish we could be watching Christmas movies together :)


  7. Awwwwww... poor sweet Bella Bleu, i know you will take good care of her, and she'll be good as new soon. She's lucky to have someone who will take her to the vet and take care of that to keep her healthy.


  8. I hope Bella is feeling ok. Our oldest dog has lost all her teeth--now her tongue hangs out--poor baby. Lovely photo!

  9. nawwww very cute.... my cat is struggling to find a cool spot and shedding hair like there's no tomorrow... hot hot hot here!
    Bec x

  10. Much love and many blessings
    Love you

    I love your postings and photographs♥♥

  11. Poor Bella Bleu:( I'm sure you're taking wonderful care of her and she'll be feeling better in no time, with a nice new pearly white smile!

    Hard to believe we're only days away from December, where does the time go! I'm weird because I have to watch all the silly kids Christmas shows from my childhood like Rudolph, Charlie Brown Christmas and Frosty:) It doesn't feel like Christmas without them!

  12. Awe sounds heartbraking, so glad you are her companion xx

  13. Poor puppy! My oldest cat had similar work done a couple of weeks ago. She has recovered quite well. I have missed you and hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. Your table was certainly lovely. Enjoy these crisp days of late fall.


  14. {{{gentle hugs}}} for bella *and* you! rocky's in portland this week.. last night evelyn and i watched 'white Christmas.' she enjoyed it. wink.

  15. Beautiful photo of your cute dog. I hope it feels better soon.

  16. Aw...so glad to hear that it wasn't something more serious. What a cutie Bella Blue is!!

    Don't you just love the sparkle of twinkle lights? They just make everything look so lovely!!

    Have a delightful rest of the week, Kerrie!

  17. Oh Kerrie....poor sweet baby. My old Tessa had horrible teeth, too, but was lucky not to lose any. But our little Maizie, who has very healthy gums and teeth broke two of her back molars on one of those Nylabones! She had to have them both extracted. Surprisingly, she bounced right back with no problems at all. I will be keeping sweet Bella in my prayers, Kerrie.

    xoox laurie

  18. Please give Bella special hugs from us!


  19. Hi Kerrie stopped by to say hi..that is one of my favorite pictures..God bless little Bella I hope she feels better soon.your home looks so lovely. xo Laura


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