Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Beauty We Glimpse Dimly

These are the words I have been pondering.  They speak so much to me. 
I carry them in my heart like a song. 

And they carry me as I go about my days in the home, garden, my studio, and walks through the park.

Their melody plays as I make changes around our home for the new season of grey weather and quiet mood.   I've added more candles to the mantel with a scattering of more shells and driftwood...

The shells on the candles below are from a loyal customer, who has become a dear friend, off the shores of Australia.  I used  eco-cotton natural yarn to tie them to white prayer candles.  I have been lighting them every evening and thinking of you, Pamela. 

In my studio I have been painting  more CALM subway signs.  I painted this one a year ago for display in our Local Fine Art Center.  It has graced the wall of our sitting room ever since.  It brings serenity to our home.  I don't believe I will ever tire of it.   This is why I decided it was time to paint more to have available for you to purchase in my etsy shop Seawashed

This is the one available at Seawashed.  I believe it turned out better than the one in my home.  Each piece is One Of Kind, so no two paintings will ever be alike. 

I have been riding my beach cruiser 'emma' alot lately.  It is a peaceful way to glimpse the beauty in each day.  The experience is altogether different than getting into my car and driving from place to place.  There is a calm  that is worth the added time it takes to get somewhere.

The beauty we glimpse is like breath {of life} for my soul.  It is far more valuable than gold to me.  It is what keeps me going through the darkest storms.  Beauty can be found anywhere, if we have the hearts to see it.  

Sea Tidings,