Thursday, October 4, 2012

It Finally Feels Like Fall

After another nearly 100 degree day yesterday, it was nice to wake up to a crisp fall feeling morning.  Bella and I remained snug in bed a little bit longer than usual.  The tea kettle whistle was a welcome delight.  Ahh, I just love autumn. 

There is much to do on our calender this weekend.  Tomorrow begins Homecoming with a parade.  I will ride my beach cruiser 'emma' to watch my son on the senior float.  Yes, my baby is a senior this year!  Then we will go to the football game.  Our team is #1 this year so it should be a good one.  Saturday is the homecoming dance, but in the day we have the Big Pumpkin Festival which brings in thousands from all over northern california.  It is one of the largest pumpkin contests in the country.  We also have our First Saturday Event in Old Town with many vendures, food, bands, and just a good time.   So we will ride our beach cruisers through Old Town and then on to the Pumpkin Festival.  Should be a lovely day to begin October. 

I almost forgot, my daughter Gracie got her drivers license today! 

Sea Tidings,

PS~ I learned how to enable my blogs for mobile viewing today.  So now you can visit Sea Cottage from your phones. 

*photo~ gypsypurplehome.tumblr


  1. Sounds like such fun Kerrie!
    One of the customers where I work just returned from California. He and his wife rode their motorcycles there! I thought of you xo
    Have fun sweetie and congrats on Gracies celebration! My hubby is a driving instructor and runs his own driving school. :)
    Love to you hunny...we're celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend and off to the cottage for a beautiful autumn weekend!

    Deborah xoxoxoox

  2. Sounds like a fun filled weekend, do enjoy! ~Cheers Kim

  3. So many things to be thankful for and your sweet post is top of the list. Congrats on all of your excitement with your children. The joys are great this season! Have a beautiful and restful week dear friend


  4. we have a senior this year too! i cannot seem to guilt him into attending homecoming...enjoy yours!


  5. Beautiful new header. The bed, is it yours? Wonderful.

  6. When my last daughter got her drivers license and I told a friend of mine said, she said, "Thanks for the warning so I can get off the road." Rude! I'll just tell you, congratulations. You'll love not having to drive so much mom. Great to see your blog again. My dashboard disappeared for several months and I just got it back! Cheers to fall!
    P.S. Love listening to the rain on your site

  7. Hello Kerrie and a very happy Autumn to you! What a wonderful fall weekend you have planned, it all sounds lovely! :) And oh! I love the picture you showed on this post, it is so gorgeous!


  8. congratulations to your daughter, my daughter got hers not long ago and is currently looking for a little car so she can stop using mine. x
    Bec x

  9. love the distressed walls. great bedroom

  10. So have fun, darling friend!
    This image is super gorgeous!

  11. Oh how quickly our babies grow up. Blessings on a lovely weekend.

  12. Good morning precious!

    THis week up north of us in Thief River Falls, it was 80 degrees on Tue., 50 on Wednesday, and it SNOWED at 32 degrees yesterday! Here in the Twin Cities, it is blustery and romantic. ENJOY !!! Anita

  13. Photo is very beautiful! I love white!

  14. Autumn is THE BEST season - I can think again after the heat of summer. It sounds like you children are growing up fast: be proud.

  15. Welcome to Autumn Kerrie-- your weekend sounds delightfully busy! Wow- Gracie got her license!!! ( now the worrying begins- lol!!) and your son is a senior-- oh my Kerrie- your babes are growing up!

    I hope your weekend is just wonderful!

  16. Thank you for your visit Kerrie! Yes I do have a sign by Dore which I Love and have been trying to get two more, though she must be busy.

    You are welcome to visit Me anytime, how fun would that be : )

    ~Cheers Kim xox

  17. Awwww, riding your bike to a pumpkin festival, what could be any more real and wonderful than that! The photo of the bed looks pretty yummy too!



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