Tuesday, October 2, 2012

French Nordic Living Inspired

Autumn leading into winter is my favorite season.  My growing collection of Jeanne d' Arc Living magazines continue to inspire my homelife as well as my artwork.  I find myself continually painting from a grey palette.  I have found that it conveys the quiet, fragile, beauty of  the objects of nature I paint creating the pieces of artwork that I am so drawn to in providing sanctuary for my home and for selling in my shop.  

 So for the holidays this year ( autumn and winter celebrations) I've decided to decorate with the quiet shades of grey, inspired by french nordic living, and remain with that palette in my Seawashed shop.
I have been busy creating and printing christmas notecards.

These deer notecards were printed using a free graphic, courtesy of The Graphic Fairy, with a 'Merry Christmas' script added, but can be purchased without the script upon request.  They are simple in black and white for an elegant greeting.  All notecards are blank inside so they can be used as holiday invitations or thank you notes as well.

I will share the 'Coastal' Christmas cards in a later post...french nordic inspired also.   Seawashed Grey Pumpkin Notecards and prints are still available for your autumn decorating and celebrating. 

Sea Tidings,

*photos~ Jeanne d'Arc Living, French Grey, Seawashed.


  1. You always show such beautiful things! :)

  2. Your cards inspire me Kerrie - I have started making my own paper, if it works well who knows, I might send Christmas cards this year and get over my Grinchdom!

  3. Lovely post.I love to hear the sea in the background.Autumn is special!

  4. i love that first image... everytime i see it i want to be there... love the sound of the waves... and adore the note cards.... xx

  5. Beautiful, Kerrie....

    Love the idea of the
    peaceful Nordic colors
    for the holidays, too!

    Happy Tuesday,
    xo Suzanne

  6. So Simple and so appealing to the eye~Blessings Kim

  7. I never would have thought of a grey pallet but it sure is beautiful. Love the painting.

  8. As always your cards and prints are so soft and beautiful... you know i love your work, but right now i'm a little crazy over that photo of the leather chair... oh my


  9. Oh how I love your style. I just do.

    Big hugs and many blessings to you dear and beautiful Kerrie. Anita

  10. Kerrie-- your cards and prints are so beautiful! I can't choose which I like best!!

    I'm going to do a little pre- Christmas shopping post in a few weeks and link to my favorite etsy shops-- I'd love to include yours!!


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