Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Shabby Sanctuary

As we get closer to spring I like to surround myself with soft, pale florals

Rachel Ashwell is the gentle inspirer of faded and shabby sanctuaries. Most of my own 'sanctuary' is filled with her home decor

my Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic writers desk and newest book

a quiet corner to read and write

the turqoise pillows and faded florals give just the right amount of color to the all white palette I find my calm in

a panoramic view

 my new Tiny Flower notecards~ faded rose

These tiny flower watercolors are printed as notecards/placecards from my original paintings. They bring just the right amount of softness to my shabby sanctuary. I hope they will bring a gentle wash of shabby chic to your cottages and spring gatherings.

Sea tidings,


  1. Your bedroom looks so so peaceful and pretty. The colors are soft and comforting, and it's so uncluttered which is wonderful. It does look like a little sanctuary...


  2. Calming and pretty. I think sanctuary is the perfect word for it. I also start craving a bit of floral fabric as spring approaches. It helps chase the winter blues away when it seems like winter has lasted much too long.

  3. Comfy, cozy. It would be hard to leave it for the day.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  4. Very peaceful Kerrie,
    It is so hard for me to feel spring, we had snow yesterday yet not cold enough to stick long but long enough to see it drift and cling to our grey branches for dear life.

    It is hard to see the sun through the grey of clouds hanging over us, but I really don't mind at all :)

    I have been working on a spring fence that adds a bit of private to the patio where I can entertain my creations and works of art that spring calls.

    Take time to listen to spring and what it tells you in secret.


  5. Your bedroom is so peaceful - a sanctuary, indeed.

    Your dog is adorable!

    Love the desk!

  6. Love all the florals myself also your sweet lil pup.I am so looking forward to spring~Cheers Kim

  7. Ah, I could definitely take a lovely nap in there. Your photos are always so peaceful and serene just like the spaces in you home. I'd keep the puppy right where he is for a cuddle too.

  8. oh meine liebe die bettwäsche ist einfach himmlisch zum träumen.

  9. I always feel so calm when I come over to your blog. I think it's a combination of your gentle decor and your relationship with God. Either way ~ it is always soothing.

  10. The soft colors of your bedroom are so peaceful, and I love that linen!
    All so pretty!

  11. Good morning beautiful one!

    You are the expert for me on welcoming the gentle dance of spring. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Anita

  12. Kerrie, this is such a peaceful space. Love it! Hey I want to invite you to my new "home inspiration" blog. Blooming Spirit is more geared towards the faith subjects but I wanted a separate space for my love for all things home inspiration :)

    It is Olive & White


  13. lovely , cozy, and pure shabby chic my friend. A lovely place to relax, rest and reflect. Hugs!

  14. Loving your blog as usual... and I think I'm going to check out your etsy shop... your cards are beautiful!

  15. This is beautiful. I could not escape the "shabby" current. Just today I stole away, in the dark of night, and bought R.A.'s White Heirloom set with 2 euro pillows. Tomorrow will be a day of doing laundry, and scenting the linens with lavender essential oil. I am now happily, part of the delicate feminine spirit of shabby bed sanctuaries. I will post soon. Lady


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