Monday, November 1, 2010


"Beauty is not caused. It is." ~Emily Dickinson

My mantel adorns a strand of berries with shells from our summer visits to the sea.
For December I will use a strand of pine, that I just bought at Ikea, with the shells and ikea vanilla candles. I also bought a pine wreath to hang on the french door leading to our back patio and gardens.

"Have you seen at Autumn-time
Fairy-folk adorning
All the hedge with necklaces,
Early in the morning?"
~Cicely Mary Barker

I have a collection of flower fairies. I have specific ones for each one of my children...

The Winter Aconite Fairy is for my youngest son. He looked just like him when he was three.

As we enter mid-Autumn when the air is nippy and the ground is damp beneath our feet I will be slowing down to take it all in~ the magical beauty...stepping gently with a thankful song in my heart...being kind toward family, friend, neighbor. Remembering that we are all fragile like the falling leaves from the trees.