Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Solitary Place

"I walked abroad alone, in a solitary place in my father's pasture, for contemplation. And as I was walking there, and looking up on the sky and clouds, there came into my mind so sweet a sense of the glorious majesty and grace of God, that I know not how to express. I seemed to see them both in a sweet conjunction; majesty and meekness joined together; it was a sweet and gentle, and holy majesty; and also a majestic meekness; an awful sweetness; a high, and great, and holy gentleness.

The appearance of everything was altered; there seemed to be, as it were, a calm, sweet cast, or appearance of divine glory, in almost everything. God's excellency, his wisdom, his purity and love, seemed to appear in everything; in the sun, and moon, and stars; in the clouds and blue sky; in the grass, flowers trees; in the water, and all nature; which used greatly to fix my mind. I often used to sit and view the moon for a long time; and in the day, spent much time in viewing the clouds and sky, to behold the sweet glory of God in these things, in the meantime, singing forth, with a low voice, my contemplations of the Creator and Redeemer."
 ~Jonathan Edwards

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Pacific...

"The beaches here are endless, so it's easy to find a private place."~Gert Alsted

We are back home. Our six days and five nights on the serene shores of the Sonoma Coast we're deeply satisfying.

We entered the foggy dunes and remained there, in the quiet, amidst the wildlife, barely any people, no clocks, no t.v, no phones, just alone with the sound of sea and warmth of beloved family laughter. As we drove out of the fog yesterday back into the sun and traffic, we realized it was as if we had been far far away in some magical remote place.

Though it was difficult to leave, it was happiness to walk through the doors of Sea Cottage again. Home is home and it is sweet! Our holiday continues so I will leave you with a few glimpses of the *Big Blue* Pacific Ocean.